Kick your inbox’s Ass today! Part 1

Kick your inbox’s Ass today! Part 1

Dreaming of seeing the picture above when you open your email? Yeah that would feel good wouldn’t it?

If you’re dealing with an inbox that is overflowing with unread emails there is a simple process that you need to start today to make sure that you’re responding in a timely manner to things that matter. No more missed dates, late appointments, no more important emails that you didn’t get. This system will help you to stop losing out on profit in multiple areas of your life. NO MORE WASTING 2 HOURS A DAY DEALING WITH YOUR INBOX. Your time is valuable, think of your hourly rate. Is it worth 2 hours of that rate wasted? NO.

1-First thing you need to do is look at your emails sorted by date.

Anything all doesn’t six months if you haven’t gotten to it more than likely you’ve missed the boat and it no longer is important. If it was those emails should have been flagged long ago to make sure that you got back. Get ready to purging delete.

2-Second thing you need to do is Look at your emails and find the option to sort email by sender.

You can sort by company sender, list name-whatever you want. This will help you to create chunks of information which are easy to delete.Now you don’t have to go through hundreds or thousands of emails!! I  know you’re already aware of what e-mail you get regularly that is junk. This is the junk to delete first.

For example for me I constantly get emails from a fitness list that I subscribed to, which I no longer check. Meet up groups, threadup, Groupon, things of that nature I now have organized in order to delete at once. Hold the shift key down while highlighting all these emails. Hit the trash button in breathe a giant sigh relief, you’re on your way to a clean inbox.

Whats left is your to-do-list.

These items need action. If it is work email/bill pay/urgent, kids school or other important information you need to put the dates/times in your calendar right away, with an alert at time of the event for a reminder.

Now one thing I recommend is to go create a new mailbox (in apple device its the mailbox tab at the top left) then when created, drag items to the left column. Inside these new mailboxes you will have a place for each of these categories/important groups still in your inbox.

Tips: I suggest making folders specifically for travel, bills, anything that you need to keep track of for tax purposes, mileage and anything you need quick access to. This way when you need to find trip itineraries, add frequent flier mileage, or you need to find an itinerary right at the airport it’s right there ready to go.

Another tip-this organization can be auto updated on all of your devices if your inbox is an IMAP email server versus a POP email server. Most emails yahoo, gmail, etc. are already in this format but sometimes if its from your cable provider or something thats not a mainstream email provider, you may have POP email. JUST TRYING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!

Another chapter

Future behavior is key. Think about it, if you want to maintain this organization which will keep stress off of your plate all you have to do is change your behavior. For example when you get an email from somebody like a coworker needing a meeting confirmation or client asking the same that is something we need to immediately respond to. You make a date in your calendar set an alert, delete email. If it’s something that requires a lot of time to respond then keep it in your inbox/to do list until you can get to it that day. Flag this item if you need extra help remembering urgency.

Junk mail-

Speaking of future behavior Setting up your junk mail filter is another way to reduce the amount of content that comes your inbox which is unneeded. On Mac computer we can do this in preferences -> junk mail turn on->send junk box. Now you can exempt certain senders from going into the junkbox I (check off contacts for example). Also select “trust junkmail headers”. Major email services will do their own diligence to get rid of junk. For future emails that are junk make sure to mark them as junk.


Another key helper with future behavior/stress is unsubscribing from junk emails not needed in the future. Go back to “the second thing to do” section above. Once you have searched by junk sender, click the TINY unsubscribe link at the VERY bottom of the email. Exit from the congratulations/sucessful unsubscribe page to the junk groupings. Then simply delete the chunk of emails from the sender you just unsubscribed to!– service helps you to unsubscribe. It creates a roll up (all your subscriptions sent that day). You can unsubscribe to all of the daily roll up at once too! free service! You’re welcome!

Here’s some self-discipline real talk-


-mentally set a cutoff time-stop responding to everything: 8 pm is my rule (or if I  go out to dinner)

-quality time- family time- put it down! Prioritize your brain!

Kick your inbox’s ass today! Stay tuned for part 2!.

If you want more advice and direction from The Millionaire’s Assistant on implementing this for you, contact us today!

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