Filing can be frikken fun and FAST!!

Here are some good ideas for filing systems at home and in your office. By category as follows:

File for auto-keep mileage logs the gas receipts maintenance repairs.

Career-Resume file, phone numbers for old bosses

Education-degrees in Education certification transcripts

Financial- statements keep contact information give seven years tax records. Always save Records for capital gains, stocks, bonds, funds, Ira cDs 401(k)s.

Health-present health information:

Medical-major illnesses injury dates hospitalizations doctors phone numbers treatments imaging

Insurance-all receipts and claim paperwork

Legal-marriage, birth certificates, divorce papers, Adoption papers, car titles, passports, real estate closings, trust, wills, etc.

Real estate= information on home improvements, current projects, and Completed projects

Travel-toss any information not pertaining to trip that you’re taking this year

Warranties receipts-plastic box is best with rails for files. This is great for if you sell an item do You have information on the warranty instructions

Children’s papers-this is always an area that is hard to decide what to toss and want to keep here’s an easy guide healthy for the process.

Why you can’t keep anything that can crumble or break which includes art work and becomes a paint. Food products are fragile but food can bring bugs which is a no no. Children’s momentos can pile up quite easily, so older things have to go to make way for new things.

Classification and color coding-

1)by category-Group files by subject and give each category a name. If you have more than 10 files in a category repeat process until you get subcategories. For example if you have Insurance files they break down into the disability, Health, liability, workers comp, and more.

File categories can be different depending on your occupation.

For example:

CEO -you may want files such as administrative, clients, Financial, Insurance, legal, marketing, organizations, sales, vendors

Financial analysis manager-asset based lending, Bank wide, commercial, retail banking, treasury

Meeting planner-advertising, awards, brochures, entertainment, Financial, gifts, golf, Hotel, signs, sponsors, travel, speakers, trade shows registration, and so forth.

Personal-Bank, budget, Credit card, investment, Subscriptions, loans, taxes, retirement, vehicle, cash flow properties… etc.

Arrange alphabetically

Having discipline in your filing can create so much badass freedom in your daily life. Plus this gives every thing a place. NO more piles of random shit on your desk!

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