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So I know you may not be a very sentimental person but is important to cultivate relationships in business and continue to foster friendships that we’ve been able to make over the years.

Now when it comes to gift giving we get the opportunity to make sure that the people who we need to appreciate know that they’re appreciated. this presents a challenge for my clients. At the end of the year usually we are dealing with wrapping up business, taxes, Family time, vacation, holiday parties, gift wrapping and much more.

This can lead to chaos and bunch of stressful bullshit that we don’t need; all at a time we’re supposed to be celebrating Joy and family…how funny.

It’s also important to spend time with our loved ones but we only have so much time. My clients run into these problems year after year and just get tired of trying to juggle all of the holiday activities and still making sure their clients know the’re appreciated. This is when they ask for my help.

One thing all my clients have common is that they appreciate quality so I know all the people that they do business with or know are all similar. Here’s the deal-I’ll tell you if your clients or other people close to you end up getting another Fruit basket, another box of Godiva chocolates or another cheesy card they’re going fucking lose their mind.

Not cool!!

I know you want to stand out of the crowd because in the long-term a simple personalized gift is more valuable and thoughtful than a mug, pen, or even a thank you card. So I’m going to do you fools of favor, I’m going to simply outline for you a few simple rules to make sure that you don’t look like an idiot to the clients that you highly value.

When you are getting to know clients or special people in your life you should be making notes on the things that they say they dig. All you have to do is simply text/ email this to your millionaires assistant this information and they will keep a record for you. Your millionaires assistant will then take this information and have it ready for you at the time for giftgiving. You think you can do this yourself? Well there’s more to this than just buying these clients the things that they said they dig. The following are some general rules that we use to find the perfect gift.

1. It’s about them not you-no logo no company merchandise and dear Jesus no expectation in return it must be genuine!

2. It doesn’t wait for the right time you don’t have to wait until it’s Christmas time for the holidays too so summer

3. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift something as simple as a bag of chips someone said that they had missed so much since they moved from their hometown would give value rather then get something because you feel like you have to.

4. Knowing something that they like and then creating an experience around that is much more valuable than the actual gift itself and will cause this person to remember you for their whole life.

It doesn’t have to be the holidays to send I guess. There is no ideal time. The best time is now. You can send a gift any day of the week rather than annually and actually have more of an impact then the afore mentioned fruit basket or box of chocolates. This will make you stand out of course, since it’s not coming at the same time as everybody else’s gifts.

When it comes to being thoughtful and still taking care of all the things in your life that you prioritize you finally have somebody who’s got your back.


Message me today to set up PERSONALIZED gift giving!

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