Email techniques for the perfectionist-less stress TODAY!


settings (Upper right of Mac desktop)

Go to mail settings/notifications, and select notification settings you want. You can select the sound that you get on your computer for notifications, you can select how long the notifications will pop up for, and you can select how often in the day the notification pop-up.

I talk about methods to reduce stress because constant notifications on my phone, computer other devices drive me crazy. I can’t sit down and focus on the content that I need to be focussing on. I know I can’t be the only one so I thought that I would share way to help reduce stress.

Email thread-view by conversation-goes by subject. this helps to reduce the amount of emails to read through to find the content you need.

Flagging emails-movie tickets, flight itinerary, similar items so that you know where these items are when you’re looking quickly looking for  them




Name rule what you want. Then tell if/any/all contains/etc basically tell the mailbox what to do when you get this certain type of email.

For example I’m a realtor and I  get shit from booking a showing, and MLS all the time when a client has a showing. There is an email sent for each showing booked, when we need to send a review, and other items for EACH showing. THIS IS A LOT of unneeded email, until you show up and need the instructions of how to get into the property. For this example I made rules to send all of this senders emails to my “showings” folder/mailbox (what apple calls it).

that crazy ex…..

You can also set up emails from someone you no longer want to hear from to go immediately into your email trash.!! genius!! I’ve used this myself, and it works!

Vip folder-

Mark important people- click name in email-add to vip in email rules as covered above!

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