Have you ever heard of this?

I’ll be honest with you I never heard of this until I dated a guy in 2015 who did this. What’s sad is that I judged him for this and I thought it was really goofy or hokey.

In reality after a meeting extremely successful people I realize that this is a habit that they have if not daily weekly. You have to visualize what it is that you want in order to see it happen reality.

It’s an interesting concept because people often talk about goals when it comes to new Year’s resolution or losing weight, but isn’t there more that you want out of life besides just losing weight for having won gold for an entire 12 months?

Why I say this is interesting as a concept because having goals and target is a widely accepted practice in our society yeah it’s not done often enough or consistently enough to see results most of the time.

Having a big goal for the year that you set at New Year’s is a great place to start if this all seems overwhelming because at least you’re getting in the practice to to start consistently meeting the goals set out. Once you have a big goal you should focus on breaking that down into steps and achieving that goal incrementally. So how do do you do this is you think like a rich person. What they do is think of a giant lofty goal and then they work backwards to get to that goal. Typically these people don’t know exactly how they’re going to reach their goals, but they have the vision in sight, and make sure to be consistent in letting people know where they’re headed. This energy expenditure leads to more of what you want coming your way whether you plans for it or not.

When you’re visualizing daily on dream board your goals that repetition put into your brain that not only is this what you want but you can see yourself already have it. This results in you excepting the reality of your future and focusing everything that you do towards getting there. I promise this will result in your goal being met.

And what I met before by incrementally looking at your goals is to break them down since you know your big picture item. All you have to do like rich people is work backwards. So how to do this you may ask is simple you think about what you need to do monthly to reach these goals (write these down in a spreadsheet per item), and then you simply look at weekly what you need to do to receive his goals, and then continue by daily knowing what you need to do to reach these goals.

And now at this point it becomes a plan instead of a lofty goal that seems impossible to attain.

I never believed in the power of visualization until I  realized that how I learn is primarily visual. So this is literally the most perfect way for me to attain my goals.

I want to share how powerful this practice is with my friends and people around me so that they two can see their success and attain it.

Like I said before I’m doing my friends a disservice if I’m not helping them to make their lives better just by spending time with me. Each time we spend time with me your goals visions success in all the things that you won’t become more and more clear therefore resulting in more and more people actually reaching the big picture goals.

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