Understanding YOU to CRUSH your DREAMS

I think this is the most important thing that we can do immediately that is free, and substantially helps us get to our goals faster.

What I mean by understanding yourself is to truly take time to evaluate where you currently are at in your life, and to compare and contrast that with where you want to go.

Some people wonder how you’re able to take inventory of your current situation, and I mean TRUE inventory, when most people won’t face the truth or are in denial about things that they struggle with. Most people lie to themselves, make excuses, and other things because it’s easier to just continue with what you are doing rather than to change. Stop that shit now!

Honestly the best way to get started understanding yourself is to ask yourself about the goals that you have and specifically ask if you have already achieved these goals?

If you have not (which honestly you shouldn’t have achieved these already because why else would you be here Reading this??) then it’s time to do some self inventory and ask yourself why you haven’t gotten there yet.??

What is stopping you from starting your journey on any one of your goals? Is it time? Is it resources? Is it money? Is it support? Is it excuses? Is it resistance? Is it improperly prioritizing what you’re doing everyday?

What is it that is holding you back?

Once you go through these and ask yourself that question on a deep level, and don’t give yourself some bullshit surface level answer you will be able to identify a first place to start to understanding yourself and therefore changing your habits and patterns but you’re stopping you from getting to your goals.

There are couple tests out there that I have personally used which help you to figure out what your learning Style is, how you interact with other people, the best way to work, the most efficient schedule set up, sleep schedule, what energizes you, what your true passions are, and over all will help you to get a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need every day to be happy.

The first test I’ve ever took was the Gallup strengths finder test, the second was five love languages, the last test I was able to take was a culture index, where I was able to see my results at the end.

These tests help me to see what I could do every day that would make me happy, how are you needed to be spoken to and cared for in every aspect of life- not just in a romantic relationship- that speaks to your soul and motivates you to work harder, and lastly taught me the type of management personality that would not work with me to help me reach my full potential- in that order.

Once I knew all these things about myself that I had never known before it opened up a whole new realm of thinking to myself every single day about the people that I interact with, the job that I have, anything that I pursue as far as new clients, who i surround myself with, interaction, really everything.  This realm of thinking is a daily practice where I remind myself or ask myself who am I surround myself with and what am I doing? If I’m not running myself with the people that are going to make me my best self I have had to train myself to have boundaries to cut off those who are not going to help me get better.

I have no shame anymore about telling people that I surround myself with people of means, with wealth, success, exotic cars, multiple businesses, yachts, happy families, people who vacation a lot, people who want to make over a million dollars per year, people who enjoy the finer things in life, and other similar things. You know it that’s what I want to become and you become the 5 people you surround yourself the most with. These are people who have already met my goals.

Now that I understand myself,  I know that I am a lifetime learner and just by being around these people I will be able to soak up information and reach the goals I have set myself up faster than if I try to screw around and figure it out myself.

Whenever somebody gives me a test or a self inventory or a way to get to know myself better, I’m always open to this. You never know what more you can learn about yourself. This can help you fine-tune your actions every day to give yourself the dream life you want.

I pay attention to mentors and people that I follow because it’s an opportunity to learn about other peoples experiences, mistakes, successes and anything else that can help me to make this life what I want faster than guessing by myself.

Now is the time to be fully accountable for who you are and what you need, to demand that from your life and other people you surround yourself with. If you want to meet your lifetime goals you’re not going to be able to do it alone. Without other people and support we are nothing.

I’m going to challenge you to take accountability for the dreams that you have not yet achieved. I’m going to challenge you to surround yourself with people who have a common goal. I’m going to challenge you to surround yourself with people that support you unconditionally.

I’m going to challenge you to join my group of elite efficient entrepreneurs, and start today getting the support you need to take yourself to a whole other level of success and happiness. I want entrepreneurs who are ready to make a change, kick their butt, and learn new things, in order to create their vision!! I don’t want people who want to make excuses I want those who want change now!

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