Next level version of you!!

It’s Thursday morning and all I’m thinking about today is building my business.

Yesterday had a conversation with somebody about changing my business from a sole proprietorship To S Corporation or a series LLC.

The same person I was having a conversation about needing a chief financial officer for my company. I was essentially interviewing them.

And it dawned on me that THIS is for real. This it. This is my life. I am creating everything  I do and have. I AM RESPONSIBLE. I AM A BOSS. I AM THE SOLE OWNER OF ANYTHING I DO! This means I own my failures, success, ideas, effort, mistakes, shortcomings, and ability to change other peoples lives.

See There’s always been a sense of doubt that is projected onto me by people because they don’t know my abilities or my fighting spirit. When you hear this enough times the idea gets planted in your head. I don’t fully believe that I can’t do something I want, but that self-doubt is always there. I realized that a portion of this self-doubt is based on who I surround myself with. Now that I have been changing everybody that I surround myself with I find myself making leaps and bounds into a direction that I have never been in before. Like I said it just dawned on me that it is happening NOW.

This is a little bit scary at first because it’s uncharted territory. But I have to remind myself it’s going to be okay because I’m surrounded by people who care about me, want to see me succeed, and for the most part, have already achieved what I want to achieve. All I have to do is look around me and ask if I feel like I’m lost or scared.

I realize that surrounding myself with good people isn’t just something I have to do in life.. it’s something I have to do in my business every day to get where want to be. For example, I know that I have driving ambition and I am proactive, but I need a completely different person for Business development and finding opportunities.

Knowing where I lack and giving that to people who are better at these things and me I think is a strength.

I have started one private group full of entrepreneurs headed in the same direction to be able to bounce ideas off of and to share what I’m struggling with. This helps not listening to only one person, but to get your perspective based on other people’s experiences.

I’ve never been one to blindly listen to one person or follow one person. I don’t do well under control, or being told what I should do. I also don’t believe in treating other people this way. Getting people resources, motivation, and examples of how the right actions get you positive results.

If this and of itself is not enough to motivate somebody, I’m not going to spend my time to force someone to do what they don’t want to do on their own.

But I feel it is my mission to be a leader and an example to others of how they can have financial, emotional, spiritual, and more kinds of freedom/ independence.

If you’re interested in kicking ASS with the other 1%-ers I network with-Message me inside facebook today and we can talk about getting you on the right/direct path to your next-level version of you! Don’t make excuses, message me TODAY!

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