Today is the day is the dayyy!!

I am so excited to have my first in-person event today! In a moment I’m going to go to the store and grab some champagne, plastic glasses, tape, glue, some cork boards, more pictures, I’ll do a live video, and pick a decent outfit for when I do my awesome presentation (lol).

I have also decided in the last week for all those people who cannot attend in-person, I can work out a prerecorded option because I think that no one should miss out on this type of event. I can’t tell you how many times I personally have thought about vision boarding, then forgot about it because I get so busy with all the other crap I have to do. Something somehow brings it back into my life And back to my attention.

Most recently what push this back into my life was somebody I connected with on social media who is retiring in his mid-30s. I immediately wanted to ask this person how they did it?! Isn’t that the end game but we all want to have financial freedom an independence? To retire at a young age and not be slaves for the rest of our lives?

Well, that’s for sure what I want and where I want to be. I have to learn from those around me to have already achieved these things. Luckily for me this person graciously answered my question and told me to a game changer for them wasn’t vision boarding in looking at these things they want every single day. That got me excited about vision boarding again! Also realizing that the types of entrepreneurs I work with may have a game plan for their quarterly goals and a vision in general speak of where they want to be in the future, but they don’t have a stepwise plan, or they let things get in the way of checking out the vision board every day. For me, I was 100% committed to it but was lying to myself because I didn’t actually do the work to create this thing. I decided if I was going to share this awesome message with other people that I needed to do it myself and be an example.

Well I did it I created a vision board, and there are a few things missing-which I can obviously change over time when I become more clear about what those goals are. But for now, it is done. Like Grant Cardone says- massive in perfect action! All day!

I live and breathe by this every time I have resistance to not finish something that I think will not be adequate. This is because I know part of the reason I doubt what I produced is because of self-doubt. I realized that there’s no reason to doubt my abilities to do things and that if I do this I miss out on so much that I could have or be.

I’m very excited to bring people together who have similar goals and a similar path that they want to be on. It helps people to network with someone that may change their life. This is happened to me countless times networking because I want to learn and get better.

For those people out there who are similar to me, they will love any event that I put on and show up as enthusiastically as I do! Any opportunity to get better is awesome!!!!!

If you cannot make this event all you have to do is ask me for another option and I will set up another way that works for you to get this content, in a way that makes it easy.

*****Calling all like minded-goal driven entrepreneurs there is a Place for you to be able to surround yourself with those who are headed in the same direction.

Here’s an opportunity to grow your business and to surround yourself with people you want to become.

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