“MY WHY-the universal connector”

last night I had my vision boarding event and I was able to connect with awesome people who really want better things in their life. It was really inspiring to me to see their excitement as we shared ideas, goals, struggles, and Things we have in common.

The atmosphere Felt very open and that feels just right.  I can tell the people that I attracted to my event where exactly who I needed yesterday. I’m hoping that I was who they needed yesterday. We know everything in life is about timing, so after a little bit of time feeling disconnected from some female friends in my life, I needed the companionship and support of those who came to my event!

I LOVE BUILDING A common bond with those who I surround myself with!

This morning as I write this I feel prompted to tell my “WHY”

I WANT EVERYONE TO BE CLEAR that this is why I give free advice, have paid events, do live videos, make educational material and so on.

I have felt empowered and more focused the EVER before since I figured out my “Why”…

I am going to tell you a story of how I got to my why before telling you the actual “why”. I want everyone to understand how I got to this place because so many have no idea what their true meaning in life is, or what they are on planet earth to do.

I didn’t know till under a year ago! This is a recent shift and I couldn’t be happier since.

So in October sitting in a conference with some pretty powerful speakers, I was hit- BAM- right in the face with someone speaking directly to my soul.

I have always felt trapped by employers forcing me to be their company culture, to be what and where they want me to be, not training me properly, not taking a deep enough assessment of who I am as a person to understand my needs, and in general using me for my time/youth/hard work in exchange for nothing that is life-long or lasting. TOTAL and complete BULLSHIT. I WAS NEVER HAPPY WITH THIS, but like most people, you don’t know that there are different options out there and so you stick with what you know-always being there for someone but no one is there for you.

At this conference what was said was an exercise to find your purpose. The speaker was a beautiful, actually intimidating (to me) woman who was so confident I couldn’t help but to listen…



THINK- about a time where your mind and goals were un-adulterated- before you thought you HADa to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or another defined path-she said.

FEEL-in that moment or at that age what you MOST enjoyed or KNEW you were really good at-she said.

I was able to do this on a deeper level than ever before. I IMMEDIATELY REMEMBERED a trip I took at about 5-6 yo. to Disneyworld with my family. I had to sit in a row far away by myself but guess what I was doing??!?!

I was turned around in my seat-before take off mind you- talking to the couple behind me. I SIMPLY ASKED “where are you going? I’m going to Disneyworld for my first time and I’m really excited! Are you going?”

All I wanted to do was to connect to another person and to find out what we had in common. I have always been GREAT the finding friends or kindred soul because I am the UNIVERSAL connector!

The purpose in this is to know what you are the best at NATURALLY. You always knew you were good at whatever it was in simpler times, but the world has made you bury it.

My next thought was how can I take my organizing business (I love to organize), and then help others to listen to my struggles, successes, and what I’ve learned from them to help them better their lives? It was clear that I needed to show people how to organize their whole life and to be clear on their goals in order to meet them and be satisfied.

For me, I have felt major empowerment since I have been able to have financial independence and emotional independence.

This alone helps me control my emotions every day so I can CHOOSE to be happy. No more letting others decide my happiness, no more letting others who are cheats an liars into my life, no more waiting on someones approval before I can be happy or do certain things I need to be happy.

I want to share this with others. Once you are independent in these ways you will attract someone or people into your life who just add /are the cherry on top to your already grounded self!

My “why” is to connect people to help them get to a place of financial and emotional independence. T feel like they are not alone in their struggles and successes.

i want everyone to know whatever they dream or envision for their future is possible-but you have to surround yourself with those who support you and want these things for themselves.

Stop self-limiting. Believe in the things you FEEL called to do. Do not WORRY ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK about what you feel called to do. Fuck ‘em! YOU GET ONE LIFE. Do not ever forget this.

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