Prep for Balls/galas/charity events-

Think about it if we had consistent events that we had to go to several times a month it may be something my clients dread instead and enjoy. My job here is to set up the clothing, hair appointments, nail appointments, transportation and any other details they need to be attended to in order to prepare for the event. this is me making this process easy for my clients.

Car maintenance-

How much do you love getting tire rotations, alignments, breaks, new tires, windshield wipers, oil changes, differential fluid exchange, and all the really fun stuff associated with maintaining your vehicles?

Yeah, not too much that’s what I thought.

This is something I do for my clients usually when they’re not home so that several cars of theirs stay maintained on a rotating schedule, without them lifting a finger.

Wouldn’t this be amazing? I know I would love that. Everyone that works for The Millionaire’s assistant has full coverage auto insurance and a clean driving record so you don’t have to worry about the liability aspect of having your cars taken care of.

Helping team Members in the house-

I help my clients manage their people. How often do you have time when hiring a new person to run your home and life get set up/ on-boarded? Not a lot.

I  have created ads and hired house help/people before. I  help create a household manual, meet new house helpers to explain what is expected of them, and how each thing needs to be completed (if my client is very particular). I  set up NDA, 1099 forms, employee manuals, or anything my client needs during the on-boarding process.

Event planning-

Event planning as another pain the butt that most people don’t have time to deal with. There are many moving parts such as food, party equipment rentals, entertainment booking, valet, beverage service, and much more! I  can help coordinate these things to make your life less stressful.

Taking out the dog-

Sort of self explanatory-but I  can help make sure your pet is let out/ taken care of when you away or busy! Cant neglect those family members. I  can even make sure they are taken cute of when you leave town. I  can’t tell you how many times in the hubbub of packing, getting tickets, and the general chaos of preparing for a trip the family pet care becomes an extra stress on us. NOT ANYMORE!

Trip planning-

What is more stressful than trying to find flights, transportation, accommodations, dinner reservations, fun activities, and more? How would you like all these things taken care of for you? YEA THATS WHAT I  THOUGHT.

JUST SAY YES to LESS stress.

Organizing your closet-

How often do you have no idea what you have in your closet? Your stuff is just swimming around in your drawers?

Folded laundry doesn’t make it to a place where you know you can count on a folded pair of jeans/the right top hung with no wrinkles?

Not very often if you are my average client. I  can make sure with regular checks the closet organization systems I  implement to save time are always functioning! My methods are teachable as well!

Paying bills-

If you have certain bills that you prefer to be paid by a real person like payroll, paying contractors, invoice payments and similar my team can help lighten your load and give you a Friday back! Doesn’t that sound delightful?!

Schedule planning and finding efficiencies-

A big strength we have is to help you manage your schedule and add/delete appointments/ set confirmations etc. never miss an appointment again or get distracted because your time isn’t block-schedule managed.

Checking tax/accounting information for a business-

Taking the time to gather tons of pieces of information from past transactions takes a lot of time. If you have somebody to help with this then you can continue working and still have this done without spending your time and therefore money.

Entering receipts for business versus personal expenses- pretty self-explanatory.

Preparing for an audit-

Obviously, this is a huge undertaking, but you have somebody now who can help you prepare documents, gather information, organize all of it and save you the stress.

Managing air b and b –

This is another hot item I see a lot of entrepreneurs especially property owners taking advantage of for extra income. There are parts to this that can cause stress and add pressure to a busy schedule. Finding a good housekeeper, getting them on a rotation with the rentals, having a household manual and adding certain personal touches like leaving some wine and a thank you note to your guest are just a few of the things that The Millionaires Assistant can help with.

Getting property information-

Luck would be that on our team we have a real estate agent. Therefore we have the ability to gather property information if you’re looking for investment property or seeking out land for a project, we can connect you with anything you need in the real estate world.

Bring medication to their parents-

This is something that we have been able to do on a very rare occasion, but it’s something that is often overlooked. We have aging parents who need a little extra care but don’t want a stranger in their home, for to be relocated to a new place just yet, having a personal assistant who can come help administer medication run a few errands helps to make our parents feel like they’re still independent, and still get enjoy the privacy of their home.

Much more just ask!

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