Next level version of you!!

It’s Thursday morning and all I’m thinking about today is building my business.

Yesterday had a conversation with somebody about changing my business from a sole proprietorship To S Corporation or a series LLC.

The same person I was having a conversation about needing a chief financial officer for my company. I was essentially interviewing them.

And it dawned on me that THIS is for real. This it. This is my life. I am creating everything  I do and have. I AM RESPONSIBLE. I AM A BOSS. I AM THE SOLE OWNER OF ANYTHING I DO! This means I own my failures, success, ideas, effort, mistakes, shortcomings, and ability to change other peoples lives.

See There’s always been a sense of doubt that is projected onto me by people because they don’t know my abilities or my fighting spirit. When you hear this enough times the idea gets planted in your head. I don’t fully believe that I can’t do something I want, but that self-doubt is always there. I realized that a portion of this self-doubt is based on who I surround myself with. Now that I have been changing everybody that I surround myself with I find myself making leaps and bounds into a direction that I have never been in before. Like I said it just dawned on me that it is happening NOW.

This is a little bit scary at first because it’s uncharted territory. But I have to remind myself it’s going to be okay because I’m surrounded by people who care about me, want to see me succeed, and for the most part, have already achieved what I want to achieve. All I have to do is look around me and ask if I feel like I’m lost or scared.

I realize that surrounding myself with good people isn’t just something I have to do in life.. it’s something I have to do in my business every day to get where want to be. For example, I know that I have driving ambition and I am proactive, but I need a completely different person for Business development and finding opportunities.

Knowing where I lack and giving that to people who are better at these things and me I think is a strength.

I have started one private group full of entrepreneurs headed in the same direction to be able to bounce ideas off of and to share what I’m struggling with. This helps not listening to only one person, but to get your perspective based on other people’s experiences.

I’ve never been one to blindly listen to one person or follow one person. I don’t do well under control, or being told what I should do. I also don’t believe in treating other people this way. Getting people resources, motivation, and examples of how the right actions get you positive results.

If this and of itself is not enough to motivate somebody, I’m not going to spend my time to force someone to do what they don’t want to do on their own.

But I feel it is my mission to be a leader and an example to others of how they can have financial, emotional, spiritual, and more kinds of freedom/ independence.

If you’re interested in kicking ASS with the other 1%-ers I network with-Message me inside facebook today and we can talk about getting you on the right/direct path to your next-level version of you! Don’t make excuses, message me TODAY!

EXCUSES And Ridiculous Embarrassing Resistance!!

I usually formally go downstairs set up my laptop and start to enter into my journal.

This could have been why I haven’t done it in a week.

Too much of a formal process.

I’m in bed right now writing on my notepad in between snoozing.

Major self-care this week I haven’t done the best at. This usually has been massages/baths/ sleeping enough… I can feel the toll on my productivity without these things.

Usually, I’m very productive and when I have extra time I don’t mind at all doing extra work to promote my content or make programs who help people find me. This week I haven’t taken care of me enough.

Self-care is a very important part of being a business owner/visionary!!

My creative mind is closed when I don’t have the mental energy to invest in myself.

I have a made a vow over the weekend working with my mentor to take a full day off once per week- that will be my Sunday.

I realize how important it is to RECHARGE. What this is also teaching me is I need bots to text for me or I can’t do this. I only have so much time, so it’s important to use it to make money but also to recharge. (If you can do this message me)!!

It took me a few days to finally Force myself into getting enough rest the once I finally did it last night I have no problem getting up and journaling today! This bitch is back!

And you know what’s funny, is that when something needs to happen it continues to show up in your life!
I was able to meet with someone last night with no agenda, and a conversation turned into discussing how it is important to have rest. She is a very firm believer of God and very God-fearing so she put my thoughts into a different context yet with the same message… that the Lord had put the Sabbath as a day of rest for all people to be able to recharge and make their bodies and minds ready for the week. People have had to work since the dawn of time, so this thought that I have is nothing new.

I have had a lot of resistance writing in my blog and journaling in the morning because I have been so tired, and as I catch up on sleep the same topic keeps popping up reminding me that I can’t keep blowing off the things that are going to make me a better person and have a better quality of life!

Having the life that you want takes work. It’s not given to you have to earn it. When I’m feeling tired I feel lazy and make excuses so obviously I need to fix a certain part of this equation to continue onto my best life that I want.

Can you think of a time or a consistent feeling/ situation in your week which causes you to feel resistance to the thing you know you need to do to create a better life?

Typically when these pop up in peoples lives they use them to make excuses as to why they don’t achieve the short-term and long-term goals that they set for themselves.

The actual situations are not the dealbreaker it’s the fact that you’re choosing to not deal with the problems that are causing the resistance.

I had to buckle up and think deeply about why I’m not getting my journaling done. I realized it was due to the fact that when I don’t sleep enough, I don’t have the energy to be creative and to kick ass.

It took me a few days to realize this, and obviously, something has to change.

You’re not alone in your journey, you don’t have to fight these challenges alone.. I reached out to my group of elite efficient family members for solutions on how to sleep faster and how to sleep longer. I ended up having a couple members of the group reach out to me and remind me to go to bed at a certain time. I also made reminders in my phone and alerts to Force me to remember that my bedtime is coming up, and it was time to start winding down and shutting things off.

Without other people’s support, I wouldn’t be headed in the direction I am. So don’t be afraid to reach out to other people for accountability because it really does make a difference.

If you want to achieve your goals it’s always helpful to have people around you who want to see you succeed. If you are in need of this like I was, and I have a something that will help you.

Calling all like minded-goal driven entrepreneurs there is a Place for you to be able to surround yourself with those who are headed in the same direction.

Here’s an opportunity to grow your business and to surround yourself with people you want to become.

I  have a private group filled with these people who bounce ideas off of each other, swap referrals and provide a safe place for you to discuss your growing pains and what you go through day-to-day in your business.

Support is a huge part of success and positive outcomes.

If you’re ready to kill it this year you need to join my group NOW!

Facebook message me for details!

Understanding YOU to CRUSH your DREAMS

I think this is the most important thing that we can do immediately that is free, and substantially helps us get to our goals faster.

What I mean by understanding yourself is to truly take time to evaluate where you currently are at in your life, and to compare and contrast that with where you want to go.

Some people wonder how you’re able to take inventory of your current situation, and I mean TRUE inventory, when most people won’t face the truth or are in denial about things that they struggle with. Most people lie to themselves, make excuses, and other things because it’s easier to just continue with what you are doing rather than to change. Stop that shit now!

Honestly the best way to get started understanding yourself is to ask yourself about the goals that you have and specifically ask if you have already achieved these goals?

If you have not (which honestly you shouldn’t have achieved these already because why else would you be here Reading this??) then it’s time to do some self inventory and ask yourself why you haven’t gotten there yet.??

What is stopping you from starting your journey on any one of your goals? Is it time? Is it resources? Is it money? Is it support? Is it excuses? Is it resistance? Is it improperly prioritizing what you’re doing everyday?

What is it that is holding you back?

Once you go through these and ask yourself that question on a deep level, and don’t give yourself some bullshit surface level answer you will be able to identify a first place to start to understanding yourself and therefore changing your habits and patterns but you’re stopping you from getting to your goals.

There are couple tests out there that I have personally used which help you to figure out what your learning Style is, how you interact with other people, the best way to work, the most efficient schedule set up, sleep schedule, what energizes you, what your true passions are, and over all will help you to get a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need every day to be happy.

The first test I’ve ever took was the Gallup strengths finder test, the second was five love languages, the last test I was able to take was a culture index, where I was able to see my results at the end.

These tests help me to see what I could do every day that would make me happy, how are you needed to be spoken to and cared for in every aspect of life- not just in a romantic relationship- that speaks to your soul and motivates you to work harder, and lastly taught me the type of management personality that would not work with me to help me reach my full potential- in that order.

Once I knew all these things about myself that I had never known before it opened up a whole new realm of thinking to myself every single day about the people that I interact with, the job that I have, anything that I pursue as far as new clients, who i surround myself with, interaction, really everything.  This realm of thinking is a daily practice where I remind myself or ask myself who am I surround myself with and what am I doing? If I’m not running myself with the people that are going to make me my best self I have had to train myself to have boundaries to cut off those who are not going to help me get better.

I have no shame anymore about telling people that I surround myself with people of means, with wealth, success, exotic cars, multiple businesses, yachts, happy families, people who vacation a lot, people who want to make over a million dollars per year, people who enjoy the finer things in life, and other similar things. You know it that’s what I want to become and you become the 5 people you surround yourself the most with. These are people who have already met my goals.

Now that I understand myself,  I know that I am a lifetime learner and just by being around these people I will be able to soak up information and reach the goals I have set myself up faster than if I try to screw around and figure it out myself.

Whenever somebody gives me a test or a self inventory or a way to get to know myself better, I’m always open to this. You never know what more you can learn about yourself. This can help you fine-tune your actions every day to give yourself the dream life you want.

I pay attention to mentors and people that I follow because it’s an opportunity to learn about other peoples experiences, mistakes, successes and anything else that can help me to make this life what I want faster than guessing by myself.

Now is the time to be fully accountable for who you are and what you need, to demand that from your life and other people you surround yourself with. If you want to meet your lifetime goals you’re not going to be able to do it alone. Without other people and support we are nothing.

I’m going to challenge you to take accountability for the dreams that you have not yet achieved. I’m going to challenge you to surround yourself with people who have a common goal. I’m going to challenge you to surround yourself with people that support you unconditionally.

I’m going to challenge you to join my group of elite efficient entrepreneurs, and start today getting the support you need to take yourself to a whole other level of success and happiness. I want entrepreneurs who are ready to make a change, kick their butt, and learn new things, in order to create their vision!! I don’t want people who want to make excuses I want those who want change now!

Private message NOW me on Facebook for details- I’ve got a freebie for you if you just message me!!! I only have ten spots left!



Have you ever heard of this?

I’ll be honest with you I never heard of this until I dated a guy in 2015 who did this. What’s sad is that I judged him for this and I thought it was really goofy or hokey.

In reality after a meeting extremely successful people I realize that this is a habit that they have if not daily weekly. You have to visualize what it is that you want in order to see it happen reality.

It’s an interesting concept because people often talk about goals when it comes to new Year’s resolution or losing weight, but isn’t there more that you want out of life besides just losing weight for having won gold for an entire 12 months?

Why I say this is interesting as a concept because having goals and target is a widely accepted practice in our society yeah it’s not done often enough or consistently enough to see results most of the time.

Having a big goal for the year that you set at New Year’s is a great place to start if this all seems overwhelming because at least you’re getting in the practice to to start consistently meeting the goals set out. Once you have a big goal you should focus on breaking that down into steps and achieving that goal incrementally. So how do do you do this is you think like a rich person. What they do is think of a giant lofty goal and then they work backwards to get to that goal. Typically these people don’t know exactly how they’re going to reach their goals, but they have the vision in sight, and make sure to be consistent in letting people know where they’re headed. This energy expenditure leads to more of what you want coming your way whether you plans for it or not.

When you’re visualizing daily on dream board your goals that repetition put into your brain that not only is this what you want but you can see yourself already have it. This results in you excepting the reality of your future and focusing everything that you do towards getting there. I promise this will result in your goal being met.

And what I met before by incrementally looking at your goals is to break them down since you know your big picture item. All you have to do like rich people is work backwards. So how to do this you may ask is simple you think about what you need to do monthly to reach these goals (write these down in a spreadsheet per item), and then you simply look at weekly what you need to do to receive his goals, and then continue by daily knowing what you need to do to reach these goals.

And now at this point it becomes a plan instead of a lofty goal that seems impossible to attain.

I never believed in the power of visualization until I  realized that how I learn is primarily visual. So this is literally the most perfect way for me to attain my goals.

I want to share how powerful this practice is with my friends and people around me so that they two can see their success and attain it.

Like I said before I’m doing my friends a disservice if I’m not helping them to make their lives better just by spending time with me. Each time we spend time with me your goals visions success in all the things that you won’t become more and more clear therefore resulting in more and more people actually reaching the big picture goals.

*calling all like minded-goal driven entrepreneurs there is a Place for you to be able to surround yourself with those who are headed in the same direction.

Heres an opportunity to grow your business and to surround yourself with people you want to become.

I  have a private group filled with these people who bounce ideas off of each other and provide a safe place for you to discuss your growing pains and what you go through day-to -day in your business.

Support is a huge part of success and positive outcomes.

If you’re ready to kill it this year you need to join my group NOW!

PM me for details!


For all of y’all who know me as thick or big boned big booty or whatever I just wanted to show you the me I was for ten-12 years of my life.. 
Got off adderal because it made me bland and too serious (bitchy) and killed my personality…. then after getting off I have gained weight slowly over the past 4 years despite my obsessive workouts and custom tailored nutrition (full genetic panel done on my genes- knew exactly to the gram what I needed)…$$$$$

I gave it a shot ALL of the “RIGHT” things. Sleep. Quitting alcohol. Eating PERFECT. Nothing worked for me as my genetics were catching up to me. 
I had enough.
In this new life I started to perfect a couple years ago I realized I needed to get serious and be extreme if I wanted IT ALL.


I had a gastric sleeve placed December 16th. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I wanted HEALTH. I wanted ten years added to my life! And I’m almost there! Back to my comfortable place! 23 LBS down today!!!

YET I foolishly did it alone. 
This was because I haven’t found a worthy enough person/people to let into my life who I KNOW without shadow of doubt that would be there for me UNCONDITIONALLY.

A friend of mine put into my head “man I hope you find someone who will be there for you when you go through tough scary shit so you’re not being tough alone always”

And damn it he was right. I deserve that!
My soul deserves to be held by someone who will catch me when I fall.

I AM FINALLY open to true unconditional love and willing to learn how to give that to someone deserving. I have plenty of love and selflessness to give at this point after building myself.

So this year I seek balance in all I do.

IM HUSTLING MY ASS OFF for the money, Shit tons of it! I see it! and has already started to trickle in.!

MY family will finally be healed, and the positive, growing, supportive, loving, unjudgmental FIGHT for my BLOOD family will emerge this year- it already started last year meeting my biological father- who has stood by my side for every decision I have made moving forward. I have and will continue to give this to them because that’s what I WILL HAVE- I ALREADY HAVE IT!

The only area of my life which is lacking currently is spiritually. I am not someone to follow a crowd. I am a leader. I dont do well with being told how things are and will always be. I’m curious. I need growth and change to be happy. I grew up catholic and am not entirely sure how to grow this part of my life? Anyone have a test for how to be spiritual? Maybe I should visit eastern ways of thinking? Any input is welcome!

Point of this post is I WANT IT ALL. And I will listen to NO ONE who tells me I cant, won’t, don’t deserve it, or anything along those lines.


Yea we fall down and aren’t perfect but if you want more there is a way!

I HAVE SUCH A PASSION FOR LIFE! I want to be surrounded by those who are the same!

I HAVE MADE A GROUP FOR LIKE-minded individuals like this. 
It is called 
My “ elite efficient fam”



4 Years Ago

Before fancy dinner! My new friend Monique!

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Email techniques for the perfectionist-less stress TODAY!


settings (Upper right of Mac desktop)

Go to mail settings/notifications, and select notification settings you want. You can select the sound that you get on your computer for notifications, you can select how long the notifications will pop up for, and you can select how often in the day the notification pop-up.

I talk about methods to reduce stress because constant notifications on my phone, computer other devices drive me crazy. I can’t sit down and focus on the content that I need to be focussing on. I know I can’t be the only one so I thought that I would share way to help reduce stress.

Email thread-view by conversation-goes by subject. this helps to reduce the amount of emails to read through to find the content you need.

Flagging emails-movie tickets, flight itinerary, similar items so that you know where these items are when you’re looking quickly looking for  them




Name rule what you want. Then tell if/any/all contains/etc basically tell the mailbox what to do when you get this certain type of email.

For example I’m a realtor and I  get shit from booking a showing, and MLS all the time when a client has a showing. There is an email sent for each showing booked, when we need to send a review, and other items for EACH showing. THIS IS A LOT of unneeded email, until you show up and need the instructions of how to get into the property. For this example I made rules to send all of this senders emails to my “showings” folder/mailbox (what apple calls it).

that crazy ex…..

You can also set up emails from someone you no longer want to hear from to go immediately into your email trash.!! genius!! I’ve used this myself, and it works!

Vip folder-

Mark important people- click name in email-add to vip in email rules as covered above!

** I’m looking for the kickass entrepreneur inside you to join me in implementing solutions similar to these NOW! IF you’re ready to kick your unorganized scatterbrained self into alignment and organization then you need to message me NOW! I can help you have a clear picture of where your going, and what you need to get organized to get there. I’ll EVEN THROW IN AN HOUR OF FREE SERVICE FOR YOUR INQUIRY.


YOU GET what you GIVE

personal shopping for the entrepreneur

So I know you may not be a very sentimental person but is important to cultivate relationships in business and continue to foster friendships that we’ve been able to make over the years.

Now when it comes to gift giving we get the opportunity to make sure that the people who we need to appreciate know that they’re appreciated. this presents a challenge for my clients. At the end of the year usually we are dealing with wrapping up business, taxes, Family time, vacation, holiday parties, gift wrapping and much more.

This can lead to chaos and bunch of stressful bullshit that we don’t need; all at a time we’re supposed to be celebrating Joy and family…how funny.

It’s also important to spend time with our loved ones but we only have so much time. My clients run into these problems year after year and just get tired of trying to juggle all of the holiday activities and still making sure their clients know the’re appreciated. This is when they ask for my help.

One thing all my clients have common is that they appreciate quality so I know all the people that they do business with or know are all similar. Here’s the deal-I’ll tell you if your clients or other people close to you end up getting another Fruit basket, another box of Godiva chocolates or another cheesy card they’re going fucking lose their mind.

Not cool!!

I know you want to stand out of the crowd because in the long-term a simple personalized gift is more valuable and thoughtful than a mug, pen, or even a thank you card. So I’m going to do you fools of favor, I’m going to simply outline for you a few simple rules to make sure that you don’t look like an idiot to the clients that you highly value.

When you are getting to know clients or special people in your life you should be making notes on the things that they say they dig. All you have to do is simply text/ email this to your millionaires assistant this information and they will keep a record for you. Your millionaires assistant will then take this information and have it ready for you at the time for giftgiving. You think you can do this yourself? Well there’s more to this than just buying these clients the things that they said they dig. The following are some general rules that we use to find the perfect gift.

1. It’s about them not you-no logo no company merchandise and dear Jesus no expectation in return it must be genuine!

2. It doesn’t wait for the right time you don’t have to wait until it’s Christmas time for the holidays too so summer

3. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift something as simple as a bag of chips someone said that they had missed so much since they moved from their hometown would give value rather then get something because you feel like you have to.

4. Knowing something that they like and then creating an experience around that is much more valuable than the actual gift itself and will cause this person to remember you for their whole life.

It doesn’t have to be the holidays to send I guess. There is no ideal time. The best time is now. You can send a gift any day of the week rather than annually and actually have more of an impact then the afore mentioned fruit basket or box of chocolates. This will make you stand out of course, since it’s not coming at the same time as everybody else’s gifts.

When it comes to being thoughtful and still taking care of all the things in your life that you prioritize you finally have somebody who’s got your back.


Message me today to set up PERSONALIZED gift giving!


Filing can be frikken fun and FAST!!

Here are some good ideas for filing systems at home and in your office. By category as follows:

File for auto-keep mileage logs the gas receipts maintenance repairs.

Career-Resume file, phone numbers for old bosses

Education-degrees in Education certification transcripts

Financial- statements keep contact information give seven years tax records. Always save Records for capital gains, stocks, bonds, funds, Ira cDs 401(k)s.

Health-present health information:

Medical-major illnesses injury dates hospitalizations doctors phone numbers treatments imaging

Insurance-all receipts and claim paperwork

Legal-marriage, birth certificates, divorce papers, Adoption papers, car titles, passports, real estate closings, trust, wills, etc.

Real estate= information on home improvements, current projects, and Completed projects

Travel-toss any information not pertaining to trip that you’re taking this year

Warranties receipts-plastic box is best with rails for files. This is great for if you sell an item do You have information on the warranty instructions

Children’s papers-this is always an area that is hard to decide what to toss and want to keep here’s an easy guide healthy for the process.

Why you can’t keep anything that can crumble or break which includes art work and becomes a paint. Food products are fragile but food can bring bugs which is a no no. Children’s momentos can pile up quite easily, so older things have to go to make way for new things.

Classification and color coding-

1)by category-Group files by subject and give each category a name. If you have more than 10 files in a category repeat process until you get subcategories. For example if you have Insurance files they break down into the disability, Health, liability, workers comp, and more.

File categories can be different depending on your occupation.

For example:

CEO -you may want files such as administrative, clients, Financial, Insurance, legal, marketing, organizations, sales, vendors

Financial analysis manager-asset based lending, Bank wide, commercial, retail banking, treasury

Meeting planner-advertising, awards, brochures, entertainment, Financial, gifts, golf, Hotel, signs, sponsors, travel, speakers, trade shows registration, and so forth.

Personal-Bank, budget, Credit card, investment, Subscriptions, loans, taxes, retirement, vehicle, cash flow properties… etc.

Arrange alphabetically

Having discipline in your filing can create so much badass freedom in your daily life. Plus this gives every thing a place. NO more piles of random shit on your desk!