YOU GET what you GIVE

personal shopping for the entrepreneur

So I know you may not be a very sentimental person but is important to cultivate relationships in business and continue to foster friendships that we’ve been able to make over the years.

Now when it comes to gift giving we get the opportunity to make sure that the people who we need to appreciate know that they’re appreciated. this presents a challenge for my clients. At the end of the year usually we are dealing with wrapping up business, taxes, Family time, vacation, holiday parties, gift wrapping and much more.

This can lead to chaos and bunch of stressful bullshit that we don’t need; all at a time we’re supposed to be celebrating Joy and family…how funny.

It’s also important to spend time with our loved ones but we only have so much time. My clients run into these problems year after year and just get tired of trying to juggle all of the holiday activities and still making sure their clients know the’re appreciated. This is when they ask for my help.

One thing all my clients have common is that they appreciate quality so I know all the people that they do business with or know are all similar. Here’s the deal-I’ll tell you if your clients or other people close to you end up getting another Fruit basket, another box of Godiva chocolates or another cheesy card they’re going fucking lose their mind.

Not cool!!

I know you want to stand out of the crowd because in the long-term a simple personalized gift is more valuable and thoughtful than a mug, pen, or even a thank you card. So I’m going to do you fools of favor, I’m going to simply outline for you a few simple rules to make sure that you don’t look like an idiot to the clients that you highly value.

When you are getting to know clients or special people in your life you should be making notes on the things that they say they dig. All you have to do is simply text/ email this to your millionaires assistant this information and they will keep a record for you. Your millionaires assistant will then take this information and have it ready for you at the time for giftgiving. You think you can do this yourself? Well there’s more to this than just buying these clients the things that they said they dig. The following are some general rules that we use to find the perfect gift.

1. It’s about them not you-no logo no company merchandise and dear Jesus no expectation in return it must be genuine!

2. It doesn’t wait for the right time you don’t have to wait until it’s Christmas time for the holidays too so summer

3. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift something as simple as a bag of chips someone said that they had missed so much since they moved from their hometown would give value rather then get something because you feel like you have to.

4. Knowing something that they like and then creating an experience around that is much more valuable than the actual gift itself and will cause this person to remember you for their whole life.

It doesn’t have to be the holidays to send I guess. There is no ideal time. The best time is now. You can send a gift any day of the week rather than annually and actually have more of an impact then the afore mentioned fruit basket or box of chocolates. This will make you stand out of course, since it’s not coming at the same time as everybody else’s gifts.

When it comes to being thoughtful and still taking care of all the things in your life that you prioritize you finally have somebody who’s got your back.


Message me today to set up PERSONALIZED gift giving!


Filing can be frikken fun and FAST!!

Here are some good ideas for filing systems at home and in your office. By category as follows:

File for auto-keep mileage logs the gas receipts maintenance repairs.

Career-Resume file, phone numbers for old bosses

Education-degrees in Education certification transcripts

Financial- statements keep contact information give seven years tax records. Always save Records for capital gains, stocks, bonds, funds, Ira cDs 401(k)s.

Health-present health information:

Medical-major illnesses injury dates hospitalizations doctors phone numbers treatments imaging

Insurance-all receipts and claim paperwork

Legal-marriage, birth certificates, divorce papers, Adoption papers, car titles, passports, real estate closings, trust, wills, etc.

Real estate= information on home improvements, current projects, and Completed projects

Travel-toss any information not pertaining to trip that you’re taking this year

Warranties receipts-plastic box is best with rails for files. This is great for if you sell an item do You have information on the warranty instructions

Children’s papers-this is always an area that is hard to decide what to toss and want to keep here’s an easy guide healthy for the process.

Why you can’t keep anything that can crumble or break which includes art work and becomes a paint. Food products are fragile but food can bring bugs which is a no no. Children’s momentos can pile up quite easily, so older things have to go to make way for new things.

Classification and color coding-

1)by category-Group files by subject and give each category a name. If you have more than 10 files in a category repeat process until you get subcategories. For example if you have Insurance files they break down into the disability, Health, liability, workers comp, and more.

File categories can be different depending on your occupation.

For example:

CEO -you may want files such as administrative, clients, Financial, Insurance, legal, marketing, organizations, sales, vendors

Financial analysis manager-asset based lending, Bank wide, commercial, retail banking, treasury

Meeting planner-advertising, awards, brochures, entertainment, Financial, gifts, golf, Hotel, signs, sponsors, travel, speakers, trade shows registration, and so forth.

Personal-Bank, budget, Credit card, investment, Subscriptions, loans, taxes, retirement, vehicle, cash flow properties… etc.

Arrange alphabetically

Having discipline in your filing can create so much badass freedom in your daily life. Plus this gives every thing a place. NO more piles of random shit on your desk!

Kick your inbox’s Ass today! Part 1

Kick your inbox’s Ass today! Part 1

Dreaming of seeing the picture above when you open your email? Yeah that would feel good wouldn’t it?

If you’re dealing with an inbox that is overflowing with unread emails there is a simple process that you need to start today to make sure that you’re responding in a timely manner to things that matter. No more missed dates, late appointments, no more important emails that you didn’t get. This system will help you to stop losing out on profit in multiple areas of your life. NO MORE WASTING 2 HOURS A DAY DEALING WITH YOUR INBOX. Your time is valuable, think of your hourly rate. Is it worth 2 hours of that rate wasted? NO.

1-First thing you need to do is look at your emails sorted by date.

Anything all doesn’t six months if you haven’t gotten to it more than likely you’ve missed the boat and it no longer is important. If it was those emails should have been flagged long ago to make sure that you got back. Get ready to purging delete.

2-Second thing you need to do is Look at your emails and find the option to sort email by sender.

You can sort by company sender, list name-whatever you want. This will help you to create chunks of information which are easy to delete.Now you don’t have to go through hundreds or thousands of emails!! I  know you’re already aware of what e-mail you get regularly that is junk. This is the junk to delete first.

For example for me I constantly get emails from a fitness list that I subscribed to, which I no longer check. Meet up groups, threadup, Groupon, things of that nature I now have organized in order to delete at once. Hold the shift key down while highlighting all these emails. Hit the trash button in breathe a giant sigh relief, you’re on your way to a clean inbox.

Whats left is your to-do-list.

These items need action. If it is work email/bill pay/urgent, kids school or other important information you need to put the dates/times in your calendar right away, with an alert at time of the event for a reminder.

Now one thing I recommend is to go create a new mailbox (in apple device its the mailbox tab at the top left) then when created, drag items to the left column. Inside these new mailboxes you will have a place for each of these categories/important groups still in your inbox.

Tips: I suggest making folders specifically for travel, bills, anything that you need to keep track of for tax purposes, mileage and anything you need quick access to. This way when you need to find trip itineraries, add frequent flier mileage, or you need to find an itinerary right at the airport it’s right there ready to go.

Another tip-this organization can be auto updated on all of your devices if your inbox is an IMAP email server versus a POP email server. Most emails yahoo, gmail, etc. are already in this format but sometimes if its from your cable provider or something thats not a mainstream email provider, you may have POP email. JUST TRYING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!

Another chapter

Future behavior is key. Think about it, if you want to maintain this organization which will keep stress off of your plate all you have to do is change your behavior. For example when you get an email from somebody like a coworker needing a meeting confirmation or client asking the same that is something we need to immediately respond to. You make a date in your calendar set an alert, delete email. If it’s something that requires a lot of time to respond then keep it in your inbox/to do list until you can get to it that day. Flag this item if you need extra help remembering urgency.

Junk mail-

Speaking of future behavior Setting up your junk mail filter is another way to reduce the amount of content that comes your inbox which is unneeded. On Mac computer we can do this in preferences -> junk mail turn on->send junk box. Now you can exempt certain senders from going into the junkbox I (check off contacts for example). Also select “trust junkmail headers”. Major email services will do their own diligence to get rid of junk. For future emails that are junk make sure to mark them as junk.


Another key helper with future behavior/stress is unsubscribing from junk emails not needed in the future. Go back to “the second thing to do” section above. Once you have searched by junk sender, click the TINY unsubscribe link at the VERY bottom of the email. Exit from the congratulations/sucessful unsubscribe page to the junk groupings. Then simply delete the chunk of emails from the sender you just unsubscribed to!– service helps you to unsubscribe. It creates a roll up (all your subscriptions sent that day). You can unsubscribe to all of the daily roll up at once too! free service! You’re welcome!

Here’s some self-discipline real talk-


-mentally set a cutoff time-stop responding to everything: 8 pm is my rule (or if I  go out to dinner)

-quality time- family time- put it down! Prioritize your brain!

Kick your inbox’s ass today! Stay tuned for part 2!.

If you want more advice and direction from The Millionaire’s Assistant on implementing this for you, contact us today!

UNAPOLOGETICALLY in my elite family

UNAPOLOGETICALLY in my elite family

Who I am-honest, lover of people, traveler, adventurer, learner, workaholic, genuine, athletic, realtor, organizer, lover, motivator.

Money lover, creator, dog mom, entrepreneur, loyal, focused, motivated, goal digger, teacher, celebrity, world-changer, beautiful, sister, future mother,

Tequila conessuer, hustler, shopper, new experience lover. I love being admired, being spoiled, being loved.

What I stand for

Honestly, truth, doing the right thing, unconditional love, helping people who are less fortunate than me, helping others to feel free from being forced to do anything. Independence from financial burden and feeling like you owe anyone anything, sexual freedom- not feeling the need to give your body to someone just because they make you feel like you need to, emotional freedom- no dependence on others for your happiness or letting others ruin your day because you let them decide your mood. Total freedom and independence.

My products help entrepreneurs

to get their life in order, to get organized, cause less stress to couples, families, and even singles who are entrepreneurs. Who in the hell wouldn’t want to have less stress and have someone you truly trust help you make your life more efficient???

It’s a no brainer! And and and!! COMPLEMENTARY consult I provide PLUS added COMPLEMENTARY hour of service to clients who book NOW! OMGRD! Service on service on service!

All I do is help people have more free time and more freedoms to be who they want and do what they want and be where they want!! Everyone wants this!

Anything I feel to charge for this is priceless everyone is in search of freedom!!

To choose everything in your life.

I have personally hired someone to help me in my daily pursuits. Things I’m not that great at or things I don’t have time to do I turn it over to someone else. And because they are so much better than me at it we can actually get 5x the work done while I focus on other revenue producing activities. The goal is to get to 10x and the effort will be at a level higher than any of my competitors. This will lead to a sever advantage and then I can command that market because I will be dominating it.

Every person who is an entrepreneur wants to dominate their market/field and ultimately create their own economy and essentially zero competition.

I want you to have results like mine and have the freedoms I have found to do what you love.

To have these results ALL you have to do is START TODAY. Never wait until tomorrow. I will help you act NOW and get your freedom and dream life to start happening TODAY. I  am SO not ashamed to give you these results NOW!!

All you have to do to get the freedom you desire is join “The Millionaire’s Assistant” service. This exclusive club is for members only.

I  know you will buy from me over and over again. this is because I  provide honest value EVERYTIME I  speak and deliver content. I  provide real help that will change your life and you will NEVER stop wanting more and more of this information!

Everyone wants to be free to be who they FEEL on the inside, and I will help you release and be that amazing person!

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I am Kaylee McMahon from The Millionaire’s Assistant and I help people to get their shit together.

You may be interested to know what exactly this means and I’ll explain it.

When your life is chaotic, disorganized and there is too much to handle you usually  don’t know where to go to get help.

Another problem that people often overlook is the fact that they are wasting time and money by not having systems put in place to make sure their time all their expenses are regulated.

I am the efficiency expert, whether we are talking expired groceries, or schedules that lead to less being accomplished than you could. I keep clients aware of their deadlines. I  make sure a late fee is never changed on a past due bill. I deliver packages/pickup deliveries you don’t have time for. I  do payroll, I  wrap gifts,

I  help with organizing events, coordinating catering and other arrangements related to host a successful event or meeting.

I  am a licensed Real estate agent. I often help clients who own rental units, storage facilities, air b n b, vacation rental by owner, or clients in search of certain land/investment properties before they come to market.

I  organize spaces. Closets, garages, shops, files for taxes, media rooms, attics, pantries, you name it!

I  put folding, filing and other related systems in place to teach my clients how to have a more efficient home and life even after I  am done with my time with them.

I  fly with my clients to meetings, if they need me to keep them on task/ do things they won’t be able to do in the time they are there like run errands, shopping, pickup certain snacks they require, and more-I’m there!

I enjoy working with clients who are similar to myself. I am somebody who is always on time, respects other peoples time, does not lie cheat or steal, does not gossip or enjoy related topics, confirms my appointments 24 hours before, does what they say they will do, has respect for everyone regardless of their pay grade/skill sets, pays my bills on time, works hard, and wants to make a positive impact on their world.

My clients have deliveries, home maintainance, returns, dry cleaning pickup, taking the dog to the groomer, medication pick up, lawn care, party planning, gift giving, trip planning, packing, dietary requirements, home repairs, car maintenance, and the list goes on forever!

In all of these areas, when there isn’t time given to every bill/statement, companies tend to take advantage. I  have dealt with this personally and love helping others avoid this.

My clients have bills increasing in rate and they are being taken advantage of because they are too busy to check every single statement.

My clients understand that time is a limited commodity, more valuable than money.

In order to get the things done that bring them revenue or pleasure they know all of these things need to be in alignment first.

My clients see tremendous value in someone who can help them to do both things simultaneously. IMAGINE!

My clients want it all! They want efficiency, wealth, love, health/fitness, spiritual health, AND family.

My clients understand, like I  do, that they are not the best at everything and that they can’t do it ALL.

My clients are self-aware and admit their faults, just like I  do!!

My clients aren’t men an women who think they are god’s gift to earth. They are humble amazing people whom I  admire.

My clients are tired of juggling all the things life requires of you, yet they are a super-high achievers.

My clients want and need someone in their corner to keep them grounded yet gives the the ability to fly, build, accomplish at whatever rate they desire.

My clients are open to change and new technology.

My clients watch Instagram, Facebook, and youtube for entertainment and trend-watching.

My clients are educated and love to learn.

My clients want to change the world for the better, they want to see others around them KICK ASS!


My clients are happy people always in the pursuit of self-improvement and happiness